How Breadcrumbs Are Useful in SEO


Let’s assume for a second that you were talking to a friend about online reputation management and she had mentioned you need to check out breadcrumbs. You thought to yourself, well I do have a lot of those in the crumb tray of my toaster that I haven’t cleaned out in the last six months, but what does that have to do with anything. She is not talking about those breadcrumbs. She is referring to breadcrumbs left on websites much in the style of Hansel and Gretel in the children’s book. When you click on a subpage attached to a parent page, it will list that near the top. It will read something like Home> Blog> How Breadcrumbs Are Useful in SEO. This will allow you to take steps back and get you to where you want faster.

How They Are Useful

Simply put, breadcrumbs are helpful in SEO because they appear on search engine results pages. This means that if you are looking for canoes at Dick’s Sporting Goods, you will see all the pages leading up to and including canoes. It will appear in the same fashion that we described in the introduction section of this article. So, if you can have those breadcrumbs appear on a SERP then you are going to want to make sure that you integrate breadcrumbs into your website.

Different Types

The type of breadcrumbs that we described in the previous two sections are called hierarchy breadcrumbs. They are the most common type as they are much easier to integrate into websites. However, the more sophisticated websites go a step further. They have what is called attribute-based breadcrumbs. Have you ever been on a site and you notice on the left side of the screen where you can narrow down your search? This is the attribute-based breadcrumbs. We will continue with the canoe example. So, you are on> outdoor> watercraft> canoes and you want to deal with only 12 foot plus models. Selecting that from the attribute list would add another layer in a search engine to include> outdoor> watercraft> canoes> 12+. Each one of these pages needs to be SEO enhanced because they are all going through the SERP and it helps you rank higher.

The third type of breadcrumbs is history-based breadcrumbs. Continuing with the Dick’s Sporting Goods example and you are on> outdoor> watercraft> canoes> 12+ page, you might look just to the left of that and you will notice it will have something along the lines of “Back to Results.” This too is a breadcrumb and must be SEO optimised.


When it comes to online reputation management, never miss an opportunity to optimise your page for Google. They love it when we conform to them and make things easier for them to catalog the internet. By optimising these pages, you will ensure that when people make a Google Search that your name will be the first to appear. At the end of the day, we are all wanting our name to be on the first page of Google.