7 Devastating Signs of Emotional Abuse in a Relationship

I have observed five destructive signs of emotional abuse in relationships and marriages. Also, I have noticed how every sign can affect you in a breakup or divorce.

1. Withholding Affection

7 Devastating Signs of Emotional Abuse in a Relationship

Withholding affection from your spouse is one of the ways to punish the partner and to implement control. It is intentionally done, and sometimes it is stated to the partner by saying something like this, “No love until you can be nice again.”

Some spouse withholds affection after a disagreement because they don’t feel coupled or they don’t feel like offering loving signs at the moment, but in such cases, the behavior happens only rarely, rather than on a regular base.

2. Threats

An abuser can threat you to expose in a way you find embarrassing, or they can also threat you to take anything significant away from you, such as your children, money, or even your house.

Several may threat to the left you if they don’t find their way, or they can also threat you by telling about your personal things to your family or friends, which is more hurtful for you, as they are not only threating you also involve your family and friends. They are indirectly saying that there is anything wrong with you that you can feel really bad and ashamed.

3. Challenges

Challenges are really alternate of threats, through the abuser placing the fault/blame for having to make you agree about anything back on you.

By their way, it is the fact that they are giving you an option through which you can correct the condition. In this way, they are really generous to you, and for that reason, all blame for the situation and any possible results are totally your mistake.

4. Lack of Respect for Your Privacy

It is frequently the subtle sign of emotional abuse. Your spouse can check your calls, text messages or voicemails, also by hacking to them or in a straight way force you to tell the passwords for all social media accounts and email, so they investigate all the activities you did and say.

5. Assets Damage

It is the edge line between physical and emotional abuse. An abuser partner can misplace or break anything they know is very important for you in a manner to punish you, and tell you again the influence they grip over you.

6. Cheating

Cheating is considered in which your spouse has relations with others and hide these links from you. It can be in the form of going out and denying telling you, secret messages, code names in their cell phone’s contact list and giving attention to someone else instead of you.

7. Playing the Blame Game

Partners utilizing control and power in a relationship frequently are not insightful enough to observe the deep effects of their behavior, nor are most likely to be ready to accepting responsibility for it.

Instead, they like to tribute you, saying things such as, "Should you just had not done that, I would not have been required to behave like that in reaction."

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