Guide : How To select Granite countertops for kitchen

Guide : How To select Granite countertops for kitchen

Guide : How To select Granite countertops for kitchen

Selection criteria for granite countertops The countertop should match the floor material. There are hundreds of granite stones in the world, and there is one that can meet your needs from an aesthetic perspective.

Should be practical:

first look for good quality stone. For example: can withstand high-temperature pots or any other high-temperature vessels or containers containing coffee, grease, wine, lemons, etc.

The table should be able to withstand the impact of the hardest steel equipment. When cutting food with a knife, there is no need to place a cutting board between the countertop and the food.

It seems a little weird. There are more than 50 variants of granite and similarly named stones in commerce.

There is no doubt that you can find one that suits your aesthetic standards based on the physical properties of the various rocks described previously.

Reasonable Selection:

The correct selection of different materials in different parts of your kitchen will ensure that these materials are durable — long-term quality as after the new installation on the first day.

Also, the lighting of your kitchen should be carefully considered. Poorly lit kitchens can use bright or reflective materials. For low-lit kitchens, dark and matte materials are available.

Once again assure you: our more than 50 materials can meet all your needs. Its level of physical appearance and resistance to chemical changes can keep your kitchen as new as ever.

Therefore, to create unique and trouble-free kitchen, you must first choose the right materials. In other words, a natural "not" repetitive material can make your kitchen unique.

If to achieve aesthetic requirements, you intend to use other materials to match the kitchen and bathroom decoration; there are other solutions to maintain the uniqueness of your kitchen materials in the same installation environment.

There are hundreds of treatments to ensure that your floor or countertop does not absorb moisture or stains.

Some of these materials are qualified, such as antibacterial materials for food contact. This means that the use of such materials can prevent the growth of bacteria on countertops or in areas such as bathrooms, stoves, or dishes draining shelves.

It's essential: the installer must clearly understand the most vulnerable parts of your kitchen and take care to ensure that they will not cause problems in the future

The above points need to be handled at least 10 cm on the surface and inside of the material. It may not be recognized in first glance, but in the months after the kitchen is installed, problems such as grease absorption, stove areas, moisture, and sink areas may arise. Also, a kitchen involves not only countertops but also cooking and washing areas (water buckets). Never think that using ceramic materials or hanging a picture can eliminate these problems. Ceramics also absorb moisture and stains, and the painting itself is not reliable and can be damaged. The joints throughout the kitchen, especially the stove and washing areas, must be as healthy as the countertops.

The best advice For you:

Would you like to have a unique kitchen worktop? Choose a natural stone for your kitchen!

Would you like this countertop to have no problems in use? Please choose a granite stone you need.

You have more than 50 reliable choices, they can meet your aesthetic requirements, and there will be no quality problems in the next few centuries.

Since you don't need to be bothered by the quality of the materials in the future and want to choose an "ideal" unique content, we have prepared for you up to 2,500 unparalleled artificial materials.

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How to distinguish between marble and granite

The difference between granite and marble:

Stone characteristics The way to distinguish marble and granite with the naked eye is to look at their pattern. Yes, there are patterns on granite and marble, but because the two types of stone are different in nature, granite is a type of igneous rock, while marble is a metamorphic rock, so the pattern difference between them is obvious.

The marble pattern is rich in variations, the line patterns are smooth and freehand, and the colors are rich in variations. The granite pattern is spot-like, without obvious pattern formation, and is relatively simple.

The hardness of granite is medium-hard, while marble is a soft stone, which is not as hard as granite. However, this also results in limited granite plasticity, and marble is easy to process and is more widely used in decorative design.

The difference between granite and marble:

difference betweengranite and marble is that one is used more outdoors and the other is used indoors. Most of the patterned natural stones seen in the interior are marble, while the speckled natural stones paved outdoor are granite.

Why is there such a clear distinction between places?

The reason is that granite is resistant to abrasion, acid and corrosion, and can be used for a long time under wind and sun. In addition,

price difference Although granite and marble are high-grade stone products, the price difference between the two is very large.

The granite pattern has a single pattern, less color change, and is not decorative. The advantage is that it is sturdy and durable, it is not easy to be damaged or stained, and it is mostly used outdoors. Granite ranges from tens to hundreds of Dollars.

The rough surface is cheaper and the smooth surface is more expensive. The marble texture is smooth and exquisite, the texture is rich, and the boutique has charming patterns like landscape painting.

Marble is artistic stone:

The price of marble ranges from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Depending on the origin, the price of different quality varies greatly. From the characteristics, effects and price differences, we can see that the difference between the two is still very obvious. I hope the above will help you to distinguish between marble and granite .you can find Granite Supplier in Milwaukee.