Things To Consider Before buying Quartz Tile

We have a complete list of faqs people usually ask before they buy quartz tile from the most idealistic supplier in United states.

What is polished quartz tile?

After the quartz bricks are fired, they are mechanically ground (polished), and the surface is flat and bright.

How is polished quartz tile different from marble or natural stone?

It is natural. Its density and hardness vary greatly depending on the type of stone. Polished quartz tiles are artificially made, and their frequency and hardness are relatively uniform.

Comparison of polished quartz tiles supplier with marble or natural stone?

The average hardness density of polished quartz tiles is higher than that of marble, the price is lower than marble, and there is no doubt that marble may contain carcinogens. However, compared with top marble, marble texture is more natural. Polished quartz tiles have replaced the non-top marble market.

What are the disadvantages of polished quartz tiles?

Although polished quartz tiles are as bright as marble, they have pores. When encountering dark liquids and beverages, they should not be left unattended. If they are wiped for too long, there will be traces of adhesion (commonly known as eating color).

Why is the price difference between polished quartz tiles of the same size so big?

Polished quartz bricks have very different prices because of their different materials, colorants and processes, firing temperature, and polishing degree.

How is the laying of polished quartz tiles different from ordinary tiles?

Because of the large size of polished Quartz Tile Supplier, for the sake of beauty, they are seamlessly pasted. Therefore, they are mostly constructed by the marble construction method, which is different from the general tile soft or hard bottom construction and pasting methods.

What are the current sizes of polished quartz tiles?

Currently there are 120x180 120x120 100x100 80x80 60x60 60x90 60x120 50x100 30x60 cm, and some semi-eliminated sizes 30x30 40x40 50x50 cm. The larger the size, the thicker the thickness, and the higher the unit price. 120x180 often processed and cut into stairs materials and tabletops. The interior floor is mainly 60x60 80x80 100x100. 30x60 mainly sticks to the wall.

Is the championship tile ten-year warranty real?

At present, when purchasing champion titles on the market, the factory did not provide a ten-year warranty, so it should only be an advertisement. If it is only a private or written guarantee by the building material bank, there is no company seal of the champion tile factory on the certificate. There is no meaning. It is OK to use building materials such as polished quartz tiles for more than ten years. The most feared is the problem of tile bulge (expanded arch).

Will the champion polished quartz tiles eat?

As far as all domestic brands are concerned, polished tiles will eat if they are not treated with manometers after firing. The difference is that higher grades eat less, and more unsatisfactory grades eat more, so champion tiles also eat. The domestic market for domestic demand is small; the investment recovery period of the tile industry is long, coupled with the external competition, the turnover and gross profit have shrunk. There are no factories to invest in new equipment, so there is no nano processing.

Comparison of polishing between Taiwan and mainland China?

1. At present, Taiwan mainly produces polished quartz tiles of 60x60, 80x80 cm. A few produce 100x100, 120x120 cm. Because most domestic manufacturers produce and supply the domestic market, there is no export market, and because the domestic market is not large, the production cost is also high. Under the competition from the mainland, the factory closed business or moved to the mainland. There are many producers in Southeast Asia, so there are few types of polished quartz tiles in China, and there are many types of imported varieties. The mainland is currently the country that mainly develops and produces polished quartz tiles, so it polishes quartz tiles. In terms of production technology, the mainland has surpassed Taiwan a lot.

What is the difference between quartz tiles and stone tiles?

Quartz bricks are fired with quartz clay. Because quartz clay can withstand high-temperature firing, natural finished products will be harder. On the other hand, stone raw materials will have restrictions on how to burn at high temperatures, and the hardness of natural finished products will be relatively poor.

Why is the bathroom floor tile that is not long after being affixed dirty and cannot be wiped off?

Because some construction workers after the tiles are attached, the next step is to fill the joints. The joints are finished to wipe the bones on the surface of the tiles.

Granite is thicker than polished quartz tiles, so is it better?

That is because the average hardness of granite is reduced. If the thickness is as thick as polished quartz brick, it may crack from the place with reduced hardness. Therefore, a more substantial thickness must be selected when cutting to avoid stone cracking during cutting and polishing.

Polished quartz tiles can be seamlessly constructed, relatively free from the problem of gaps and dirt, and relatively bright, but because of the glossy surface, a small amount of dust adheres to it will be visible. Wipe often, and reduced grade polished quartz tiles will The color problem is that the retro tiles are generally smooth and darker than refined. Before the construction is completed, space is more comfortable to create a taste, and it is not slippery than polished. Some vintage tiles can be pasted without Seam.

Which color should be better for old brick caulking?

Retro bricks are divided into floor tiles, and wall tiles, which are mainly beige, and wall tiles are recommended to be beige yellow. For example: If the floor tiles are not natural to be dirty, such as the floor of a home bathroom, or the room where shoes will be taken off, the story is usable. If it is a place where shoes will be worn, the beige-colored joint sealer is more ugly than the cement color (natural color) if it is dirty and uneven, so it is recommended to use a cement-colored joint sealant.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wood grain brick and wood floor?

The wooden floor is warmer than the tiles, and the texture is natural and there are no seams, but it is afraid of dampness, collision, and furniture scratches, and it is not easy to maintain. If the wooden board is elevated, the density of the bracket is too large, which may cause loud noise when walking. The texture of the wood grain brick is hard, and there are many choices for excellent maintenance and finishing. However, there must be a small gap between the wood grain floor tiles, and it is colder than the wood floor.

How to clean the dirt in the pores of polished quartz tiles?

Polished quartz tiles often eat color. If the grade is poor, dust will seep into the pores, and they can not be removed with a mop. You can prepare a polishing quartz tile cleaner by yourself, add a little oxalic acid (purchased by chemical raw materials) with kitchen magic spirit, if dirty The stain is not very serious, you can dilute it again, moisten it with magic foam and wipe it again, then clean it with water.