Uber wants to fight party buses with fleet services

Uber wants to fight party buses with fleet services
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According to foreign media reports, following taxis and logistics, Uber has now turned its attention to another lucrative market, which is party pick-up service. Last week, the company introduced a new feature called UberEvents that allows party event organizers to buy Uber services to entertain their guests. Uber wrote on the official blog: "From large parties to small parties, we can always provide you with a lot of guarantees-including making your guests easy to return."

It is understood that users who want to use UberEvents to host a party can create event content on uber.com and then receive guests via email. Besides, Uber may offer party organizers a lower price than traditional sydney party bus.

However, there are some limitations to this activity. For example, the guests who pick up and drop off must be within 0.25 miles of the party bus. Anyone who wants to board must also be an Uber user.

Nowadays, it is becoming more common for companies to rent party buses. In California alone, there have been 6000 to 9,000 transactions of this type in the past five years. As for whether Uber can succeed, it is hard to say, because even an SUV, it is difficult to achieve the efficiency of transportation like a bus or passenger car.

Matt Berger, owner and operator of Cali Party Bus Hire said he is skeptical that Uber's service will be on track. He wrote in an email to the media: "We applaud Uber's ever-increasing safety in organizing transportation. However, the Uber fleet will not be able to compete over a luxury bus, where everyone can find fun and enjoy a luxurious experience.

We look forward to working with Uber to expand security organization transportation options in California. "

Perhaps Uber can be successful in picking up and dropping off small parties.