A widget. Pop-up

If you have decided to attract subscribers for your push campaign aggressively, the pop-up is your choice. It is impossible to ignore it. After being displayed, it covers the rest of the website, making the user decline or subscribe to your push notifications.

Same as with other widgets, you may customize the pop-up appearance and its impression in your resource.

Customizing appearance

To customize the appearance, click the button.

In the right part of the screen, change the text of the pop up if necessary. In order to see how it will look at your website, click "Preview".

Customizing display

To specify the moment of pop up display, click on the icon.

The following settings are available:

Delay of display

The pop up inviting to subscribe for a push notification will appear immediately after the user visits your website (if 0 seconds is set), or after another period indicated by you.

The area of the web page

If the user has started reading your website and scrolls it down, the pop-up may be displayed in the middle of the page (after 33% of scrolling) or in the very end (after scrolling 66% of the web page). Select appropriate setting.


It is probably the best trigger for this web element. As soon as the user moves the mouse from your web page, the pop-up will be displayed immediately.

Visit depth

You can make sure that the user gets interested in the contents of your website, and offer him subscription after he has reached certain visit depth. We assume that visit depth more than 5 pages will not be needed. Set visit depth between 2 and 5 pages.


The setting related to visit depth, Comeback. It also allows making sure that your website is interesting for the user, and it is not the first time he visits it. Similarly, the pop-up may be displayed at the 2nd, the 3rd, the 4th, or the 5th visit of your website by the user.

Setting repeated impression

Our web element has a cross, by clicking on which the user declines subscription. Now the widget will not appear for this user for exactly 7 days.

If you decide to increase or decrease this time, it can be easily done:

Click on the pop-up repeated impression settings.

Indicate the delay in days before the next visitor's attempt to subscribe to your website, as you think appropriate. By default, Push.World sets it to 7 days.

Here we are. The pop-up has been configured.

Please remember that you can combine subscription with shortcuts, buttons and dialog boxes. Every widget may be used individually, or they may be combined for increasing subscriptions conversion.

Push.World has created several more tools for attracting subscribers for push notifications.