Customer return service for an electronic online store.

Push notification service became quite popular relatively recently and already has lots of different opinions on its work. Some assume that this service can be disturbing for users, but numbers and cases of successful work show us a very good result. Push notification as a customer return tool works very well, in fact, better than e-mail for instance. It's good additional communication and ad channel.

Plus its one-click subscription so your customers don't have to sign up or leave any personal information just agree to receive push notifications. Easy to subscribe and unsubscribe.

Electronic Online Store/sample of statistic:

Push messages statistic example:

A key to success — smart use of service.

We spent some time on screening that helped us to identify the main problems. We took 4 main "pains" that Push notification can solve and created 4 automized scenarios of a customer return. These scenarios will help to achieve the best result.

Automized scenarios:

  • Return user to registration.

  • Return user to the session.

  • Return user to the category of goods or services.

  • Return to an abandoned cart.

Example of statistics/automized scenarios work: