How to set up a widget appearance.

Important to show widget on time to adjust it right and it will appear with the highest probability when user will be ready to push button “Subscribe”. For that special reason, we have a list of settings —

Delayed appear It’s easy: you just set the time after what dialog window will appear in front of the user in that kind in what you’ve adjusted it. You can set time from 0 (appear instantly) to 3600 seconds (an hour). We recommend check metric-analytics for the average time that your users spend on the website and you can choose an average value for example.

Area of the page A dialog window will appear when user scrolls till that middle of your page or the very end of it. Or if you chose header then the user will recieve an invite to subscribe right after he’ll see the top part of your website.

Comebacker And again it’s easy: Web element appears right after when user move a cursor from the website to another area.

Page Depth Use that setting you can make sure that push notification subscription dialog window will appear in front of the loyal user only. Web element appears only if the user will click through a second, third page or a fifth page of the website. You can adjust the depth accordingly.

Return user The last setting that we recommend to use for that element — return. You chose for what exact visit of the same customer it will be shown. You can choose the second, third or even fifth visit of the same user.

Setting of the second show up of the subscription widget As you know it has “No, thank you” button What will happen if user clicks this button? — He won’t see subscription widget for 7 days (default) and then it will appear again

If you think that 7 days pause is way too long then you can set what you think is right for your website. You decide. Chose settings to repeat widget display.

On the right side of the screen chose a number of days.

Congratulations! You're all set