Rich-push 2

Web-push as a service always grows.

About two weeks ago Google made available option rich-push with two buttons and a bigger picture (from 1360px to 1020px).

Examples that already use rich push or testing it in the demo:

1) How it can look on Retina display

2) On a regular

Push like that will be a part of a premium subscription, but now it is available for free for all the Push.World clients. With the only restriction — we deliberately limited auto-mailing with large pictures.

And one more beautiful push MacDigger:

How to send out rich-push

1. Create a new mailing.

2. Or create a copy of a sent push.

3. Find in the menu Rich push new element that downloads pictures.

4. Paste a picture (1360 px on 1020 px).

5. Send out


Today almost 85% of Chrome-browsers allows pushes with a big pic. So for that reason, don't be afraid that someone will miss a push notification from you.