Three ways to unsubscribe from push notifications in Firefox.

With Chrome and other alike browsers and Firefox as well unsubscribe would be very easy. Again in two clicks but we will show you at least three ways to do so.

The first way to unsubscribe from unwanted push notifications —

Click on three dots when you receive an unwanted push notification and then in drop-down menu chose to unsubscribe.


The second way is to press on three dots but chose in the drop-down menu "parameters" and you'll be sent to the settings page in Firefox.

Click on the button "Chose" in the menu "Notifications"

In the new window choose the link of a website (from what you don't want to receive notifications) and click "Delite" and "Save"

Third way —

When you are on the website page that sends you push notifications, click on the icon ‘ i ’ …

… and in the drop-down menu click "Always ask" or "Block"


If you click "Block" then you won't be able to renew subscription easily. It will take time. We recommend you to chose the option "Always ask" so you can renew subscription easily if you change your mind.

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