Three ways to unsubscribe from push notifications in Google Chrome and Yandex Browser

Your users always can unsubscribe from receiving push notifications easily, literaly just in two clicks.

First method.

The easiest let's just count clicks.

Click number one —

Click on the settings icon when you receive another push notification that you don’t want to receive anymore.

Click number two —

In the appeared browser window find a line with your subscription and click on the cross to delete it.

Done! Your subscription is canceled.

As an option, you can always choose in a drop-down menu option “block” but we don’t recommend to do it because then it’ll be difficult to subscribe again if you need to.

This works for Google and Yandex browsers and for Amigo, Opera and other browsers that work on Chromium as well.

Second method.

If it’s not Firefox, Safari or InternetExplorer copy paste this —


and you will see the same window with all your push notification subscriptions.




If you have too many subscriptions, you can use search to find the one you need.