? Use of Push notifications in The Education Center ?

Today we want to share one of our successful cases how push notifications work in online learning.

One of our clients needs a scenario for its web platform. We've found it interesting and start working on it with enthusiasm, understanding that Push.World that was developed mainly for e-commerce can be useful in other cases as well.

What push messages we decided to send out?

In this case, we needed to split users in different groups and send personal messages so students receive messages that intended only for their group.

Plus we had to send reminders:

  • about the start of classes

  • to control an attendance

  • collect feedback

  • links on the study materials and lecture notes

As well we decided to install reminders about making payments, information about new courses, new deals, and sales.

Push mailing: reminders + feedback + news

First, what we have done it's we tried to increase the number of subscribers with help of welcome-push, that gives students a chance to get a promo code for a subscription. This instrument we recommend to use everywhere, where it is possible:

Then we've decided to set reminders about a start of webinars so the user won't receive push notifications anymore if he declines an invite in a first place:

If the user accepts an invite he will receive one more reminder about the start of the webinar:

If during the webinar user will accidentally close the link he will receive another push that reminds him to go back to the webinar:

After the end of webinar user will receive a push asking to leave a comment:

If our student were rushing and forget to download homework so push notifications will catch him with a reminder. Push notification will have two links that lead him to download working materials and record of the webinar:

And of course, notification that reminds when it's time to pay:

Such an easy and useful scenario possible to create with an API service.

Next time we will tell more about push notification work in case with financial organisations.

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