The message that invites you to download content.

Give the opportunity to download for free one of the examples of your digital product: book, video lesson, tutorial or a song for successful subscription on push notifications.

Invite your users to subscribe, for example:

"Subscribe on our push notifications and get this book for free".

"Subscribe and get photo archive high-res for free"

"Download 1st course of lessons for free, subscribe on push notifications"

In your welcome push provide an address of downloading the file and people will be motivated to become your subscriber.

Message with additional information

Push.world use welcome-push for an easy explanation to our users what it and how to use it.

Example. website push.world

There is so many ways to say "thank you for subscription"

There are probably many more ways to thank your site visitors for subscribing to notifications.. Use your imagination:

How to launch a welcome-push on your website