What is it web push notification?

The new channel of communication

Web push notifications it's a relatively new communication channel. If before it was used mainly in mobile now browser push notifications are getting more and more popular.

As a channel of communication, it is as good as email or SMS. With push notifications, we can inform users about news, sales, new goods and so on. An important trait of push notifications is that they work in the background mode so the user will get push notification even when not browsing the Internet. For delivering push notifications to the user we only need an agreement to subscribe.

Push is very useful for news websites

Push notifications — a good tool for content resources. Push can effectively solve a problem and attract the user to the website. Meduza, Lenta, and RBK use push notifications effectively and it brings good traffic. The best example of push notification use is Meduza that sends thousands of push notifications every day and it brings 13% of all traffic.

Push notifications in E-commerce.

Online stores use this technology to advertise new goods. Russian hypermarket of Carnaval costumes, British store BuyWholeFoodsOnline, huge pharmaceutical store Walgreens, Buyhatke and many other commercial platforms rise effectiveness with push notifications.

Push notifications many times more effective than e-mail, plus to subscribe to push notifications user doesn't have to leave any information. In comparison with email push notifications provide a high percentage of message delivery and click rate is much higher. The number of opened emails is no more than 15-30% and click rate — 3%. While the percentage of push notification delivery — 90% and click rate reach 50%.

Push notifications — a good alternative method to form a pull of subscribers. Ideally, the number of subscribers should be equal to monthly website visits. Push notification subscription is easier because it doesn't require any additional information from a user.

How to choose service for push notification mailing

Companies that today offer push notification services today — Letreach, Push Expert, Sendpulse, Pushcrew, Gravitec, Push4site, Pushwoosh, Pushover, OneSignal, PushAll, PushWorld, and many others.

They differ in cost, tariffs, availability of free version, convenient usage, number of interfaces that service work with. Some services allow checking statistic of push notification work, subscriptions and audience activity and so on. Some services have no English interface, some services like Letreach, Pushcrew, Pushwoosh, Pushover — only in English and what's more important not all services have scripts. Push.World has notification mailing, personal notification sending, and scenarios.

Why Push.World

Despite the fact that Push.World is a relatively new service and it's already better than many other services.

Push.World gives chance to send personalized push notifications and personal pushes can solve a number of problems, especially in e-commerce. Exactly personal push messages are useful for the number of cases where we can lead the user to finish up an action like buying a product that waits in a basket, or help to chose the right product. Personal push notifications will allow bringing the user back to the website to finish an action, give a discount and so on.

Push notifications it's a good tool for effective work with NPS.

How to rise conversion to subscription

One of the important traits of this technology is that it's available only for the websites with SSL-certificate.

For those who work with HTTP should use solutions of other services. For that reason owners of websites with SSL certificate was in a good position, conversion they get was higher and HTTP websites have to use double click subscription that made conversion lower. The situation changed when Push.World created revolutionary technology that allows subscribing users in one click on all types of websites.

Push notification brings 75% of traffic.

Admitad blog is a good example of how push notification can improve traffic. After integrating Push.World Admitad blog start receiving from 300 to 700 subscriptions daily. Now the number of subscriptions more than 100 000 unique users. Less than six months later, push-mailings became the number two source in attracting an audience to blog.admitad.com, bringing about 31% of the total number of visits to the resource.

How to expand push mailing capability

We work non stop to improve service. Now we have a new feature Rich Push that allows more variations of push notification work. First of all push more visible on a screen. Second, every button can have it's own UTM tag. That gives a chance to see a statistic, about how many people clicked on one or another button, through Yandex.Metrika or Google Analytics.