What to do to make sure that people subscribe for your push notifications

Though browser notifications are new, technically they appeared in Chrome browser as early as April 2015.

And since many websites started to misuse push notifications, use them amateurishly, without a reasonable strategy, the users have had time to start feeling angry about typical push requests. And something should be done about it.

Why do appearing requests make people feel angry, and how can it be fixed?

There are two main reasons why a user would rather block your request if you place it in a standard way, in the form of a native pop-up dialog box that appears immediately after your website has been visited. Let us explain:

Reason number one

A person may have visited your website for the first time, and has not yet realized what website he has visited. Don't push your request to him within the first seconds. Give him time to adapt. Remember, Mom told "not to talk to strangers". Give your visitor a chance to get acquainted with your website quietly.

Push.World is already implementing the possibility to choose the moment for displaying the subscription request — this task is well coped with by our widgets.

The request may be displayed with a delay, in a certain area on the screen, or after some action (comeback or leaving the website). That is, at most logical and conversion moments.

Reason number two

Those who surf the Internet a lot are likely to automatically close and block such requests. It's simply because it is annoying that they appear in every visited website. This resulted in a reflex to block dialog boxes and pop-ups.

So don't get disappointed if you fail to attract subscribers as fast as you would like to. And since this instrument is rather new, there is no statistical data yet about what visitors into subscribers conversion rate is considered normal for push notification. It is also clear that for a different ad spaces, this value would be different.

What else can be done?

Those who have not blocked, but only ignored the offer to "allow notifications" should be offered the subscription after a while. In the Push.World widgets it is even called this way— "Repeated impression", where you can specify the number of days after which the user will see the notification request again.

Make a separate page or a block on your website, where you should specify in detail what you offer, and what a person subscribing for your push notifications will get. Not everyone knows what it is.

Promise them that you won't spam, that the subscriber will benefit from "allowing": he will be the first to know about promotions, about the hottest news, and will not miss attractive offers. Follow these simple pieces of advice, and you will attract interested audience, and increase your subscriptions statistics.